“PrimeCare, LLC has become the beating heart of my professional practice’s business. This heartbeat enables me to reach professional heights impossible for me to attain before”

“This completion of needs, for which I only generated shadows before, has enabled me to practice my profession with enjoyment, comfort and security; head and tails above the converse with which I coped in the fee for service paradigm in solo practice. The final years of my practice will be the best ones thanks for PrimeCare. No other IPA in this area has come close to assuring me of its equivalence. — Dr. Owen Linder www.owenlindermd.com

“PrimeCare provides transparency in its dealings. PrimeCare provides friendly guidance in its dealings. PrimeCare provides support in stressful episodes. PrimeCare alleviates my needs for business appurtances such as a comptroller, an information technologist, and a business manager. PrimeCare has its incentives aligned with mine. This is a partnership I lacked in solo practice for the previous twenty years.”